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Lambada - The Caribbean Dance

Bring enthusiasm, energy and passion into your program. Be enchanted by our beautiful Brazilian dancers. Lambada is a couple dance, originally from Brazil. It is the combination of carimbó dances and merengue. The dance was known in the late 80s by the same name hit "Lambada" by the band Kaoma in 1989. It produced two styles : the one from Rio de Janeiro and the other from Porto Seguro. The dance style of Rio de Janeiro is characterized by low tables and Cambres. The style Porto Seguro is very fast. This dance is not stationary, but dynamic, which is the implementation of various styles of music benefit. Give your event a grand combined Lambada Dance Show with awesome hips with a superb style of dancing.


Brasil Show Köln   •   51107 Köln/Germany • Tel.: 0049(0)179 1449241

* Awards: Fachmedienpreis: Brasil-/Sambashow 2015/18 (awarded by Showtreff) • GEDU: Brasil Show of the Year 2014
• Federation Corse de la danse: Inséme 2011 - European Dance Contest • Semifinalist - Germany Got Talent