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The award winning Capoeira Show in Germany
Brazils acrobatic- and fight dance at its finest

Have you ever had a real-life experience with Brazilian dancing? If not, then it's about time to catch up and book our fascinating Capoeira Show for your event.
Our Capoeira group won the Inseme Award* - Competition of Europes Dancing in Corse.
Capoeira is a typical Brazilian fight dance which is all about excellent acrobatics. Our Capoeira dancers, also called Capoeiristas, convey Brazilian passion paired with the charming Brazilian way of life through their incredible energy and their smooth performance. Our Capoeira show features breathtaking show fights which you'll find to be very impressive. Here you have the opportunity if you want to integrate professional Capoeira into your event, simply use the booking request to tell us how you imagine a sophisticated and acrobatic performance of our Capoeiristas. On the basis of your specifications we can provide you with an individual, non-committal and most of all advantageous offer, so that you can enjoy our Capoeira Show at your event as soon as possible. We know from experience that a performance of our Brasilshow can add that special touch to the respective event. We radiate pure lust for life with our Brasilshow and thrill the audience with this perfectly choreographed acrobatic dance. Get enchanted by the gracious dance of our Capoeiristas. Your guests, respectively your audience will thank you for that.

*awarded by Federation Corse de la Danse 2011


Brazilian Drummers | Samba Brasilshow


Brasil Show Köln   •   51107 Köln/Germany • Tel.: 0049(0)179 1449241

* Awards: Fachmedienpreis: Brasil-/Sambashow 2015/18 (awarded by Showtreff) • GEDU: Brasil Show of the Year 2014
• Federation Corse de la danse: Inséme 2011 - European Dance Contest • Semifinalist - Germany Got Talent